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Trenolone (Trenbolone Mix) 10 x 1ml ampoules РInjectable Steroids from JeraLabs.

Trenbolone mix is a steroid-type drug with the active substance Tri-Trent in the composition. It has high anabolic properties, thereby promoting active set of useful mass. If you adhere to the norms and correctly draw up the program, you can gain up to 10 kg of useful mass in the course alone.

Main effects from receiving Three Tren:

  • Fat burning and muscle growth;
  • Increased potency and libido;
  • Improving natural growth hormone secretion;
  • growth of force;
  • decrease in quantity of cortisol.

The optimal course duration is 6 weeks. Combined courses can be longer – 8 weeks. Weekly dosage – 300 mg, administration – not more than twice a week. You can use Trenbolon mix in solo course or combine with other drugs – Winstrol and Anavar. Such combinations are advantageously directed to drying. Among the important advantages of the drug: lack of aromatization and estrogenic activity, minimal toxicity to the liver. As a result, serious side effects are almost always absent (subject to course rules and PBC). But there may still be increased aggression, increased pressure, deterioration of erection, acne, hair loss, etc. If side effects are detected, contact a specialist. The PKT consists of a Tamoxifen or Clomid intake.

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